It's Been Swell

Come see us during year two.....

Marie 365/365

Thanks for a fun year ladies!

Reenie 365/365

This is the photo I took the very first day.

Nicole 365/365

Happy 365 everybody!

Kirsten 365/365

Maureen 365/365

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, Oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my Kodachrome away

Erica 365/365

This picture seems a fitting closer for the year. It was taken a couple
years back as Scott and I explored rural Kentucky after a civil war
reenactment we participated in. It's one of my favorite pictures and
triggers the same relaxed, peaceful feeling I had that afternoon.

It's been an amazing experience - and you, my friends, helped prop me up
through some of the lows in an interesting year.

I'm really looking forward to year 2.

Carol 365/365

Today is my mom's 76th birthday. My sons and I took her this floral arrangement.

I learned a lot about myself with this project. I look forward to another year. Thanks for the past 365 days.

Linda 365/365

In the past year, you've seen me go from living on my own with a 9-year-old
German Shepherd to living with this precious man and two young pups. Thanks
to you terrific Envisage 365 ladies for letting me share my life with you
while at the same time giving me a glimpse into yours. And a heartfelt
thanks to Sarah for bringing us all together. It's been an awesome

Petra 365/365

Thanks for a joyful journey, to those who are about to leave us you better
lurk on year two, for those going forward let's see where this year takes

Becky 365/365

"I had to go back and see what my first photo and John on the boat.
A year later, the boat has been my undoing."

Amber 365/365

Been great with y'all and I'll see many of you in round two!

Dawn 365/365

Sunlight and Shadows.
I am not the same person from 365 days ago. I will not be the same person
365 days from now.
See you on the other side.

Sandi 365/365

Well ladies, it's been fun. Thank you for sharing little glimpses into your
I have discovered that many of my days are the same and not many picture
worthy things happen. As such, I will not be continuing with the project. I
look forward to seeing the lives of the next round of participants.
When picture worthy things happen I'll post them on my blog. Please feel
free to check it out-

I wish you the best in all that you do.

Jen 365/365

Very last photo / I have learned a lot this year / On to new projects

Ronda 365/365

I thought all day about what today's picture should be. My kids were probably in about 90% of my pictures, so I finally just decided to make them pose for one more. Here they are being their silly selves. Thanks ladies for a great year. Thanks Sarah for making this possible. I can't believe it's over.

Sarabeth 365/365

At the beginning of this year of photos, I wasn't at my house. My
family, minus my husband, were evacuated to my sister's house because
of Hurricane Gustav. Today, I reflect on the past year, all but a few
days captured as a digital photo.

Robin 365/365

"A message written on my dining room table that is now shrink wrapped (with
an old comforter inside too :), and ready for the move, thought that I'd
capture what was going on in my life the day one year ended and another
began, and from the bottom of my heart thank you again Sarah!"

Christine 365/365

My first photo of this project was of this shed. My husband had just started building it and all that existed was the frame and roof. In the year since, the shed was finished and filled. For me, this shed will always remind me of Envisage Year One. Just like the shed, we women built something here. And we filled it.

Heather 365/365

Wow! What a patchwork of images this year! We're all different but our
images all came together in one spectacular quilt of womanhood and life!
Cheers :-)

Rebecca Two 365/365

It’s me and it’s the last day of Envisage 365, Year 1.
The person in this picture is not the same person that was shown in the bio pic one year ago. I am different. Stronger, smarter, more daring, more compassionate, more giving, more open, more aware.
Hell, I have just died my hair black and pink.

I am Rebecca Two. I wonder what Rebecca Three will be like.

Reshmi 365/365

I always considered myself as prosaic and in a way incapable to show my own emotions in front of people. But God, while naming this picture as Aug 31, I did feel something. Something I can’t name. It feels like a family now. * touch wood * And guess what, the family grew; there are now two adorable babies adding up to the number. Isn’t that wonderful! I didn’t have any expectation from this project when I started. When I started Envisage, I was a wreck. Little did I know that women I never met, would stand silently like a wall around me and help in my dark days. Also thank you for sharing your life with me.

Posting my own picture confidently as the picture of the day is not easy for me. If you didn’t know me, trust me I hate my own picture. . I hate my own skin. Therefore it’s a big step for me. If I am more confident today, it’s because of you. If I found any acceptance as being the real me, it’s because of you. If I am a better person today, it’s because of you.
Thanks to each one of you!

SarahTwo 365/365

*"525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. *
*525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year? *
*In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. *
*In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. *
*In 525,600 minutes - *
*how do you measure a year in the life?"*
I cannot believe it's been a year. A year. To watch my life unfold day by
day in pictures has been an amazing experience, and just as I have learned
myself better, I've learned more about all of you.

See you next year.
Or... tomorrow.

Sarah 365/365

Thank you all for taking these last 365 days and turning them into something beautiful with me. I had found myself cringing in my role of SAHM mom and was struggling because I felt I was not making a difference. This idea peeked it's head out of a crack in my pysche and grew with the help of all of you, not only the contributors but our followers as well.

I leave this year and move onto the next feeling as though I AM making a difference and I am proud.

Thank you all!

Lori 365/365

"Me, waving goodbye. I'm not participating next round for various reasons,
but I've enjoyed this peek into all your lives. Maybe next go round I'll
rejoin, but for now, so long ladies, and thank you!!"

Rebecca 365/365

The contents of my side pocket in my handbag: gum, lipbalm, a clip, three
shells from Scotland, a hair band and my rail pass. Because I'm currently
employed, I haven't been taking my camera anywhere, hence the strange nature
of this last month of photos.

I have loved this project. I learnt a lot about myself.

Gretchen 365/365

Wow. A whole year. Incredible journey for everyone who participated.
Thank you, thank you to you all, especially Sarah. I so loved doing this.
Take care and I'll be watching! Love, Mama Gretch

Erica 364/365

My self-portrait for Envisage 2. I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you
to all of you for making this project such a wonderful experience.

Nicole 364/365

Morris dancing - an old English tradition (it's very weird). We were out in
the seaside town of Southwold for the day.

Reenie 364/365

Some things seem to never change, but they do, ever so subtly as time
marches on.

Maureen 364/365

Looking through my dirty windshield, on our way home after work & school.

RebeccaTwo 364/365

The team at the finish. You guys are amazing. My foot is not there but my
heart is.

Ronda 364/365

Paige playing all by herself in her room.

Robin 364/365

"more packing, and more writing FRAGILE on everything LOL"

Heather 364/365

People watching is so much fun. Don't know what the deal is with these two.
He's got the raccoon eye make-up and she's channeling George Clinton. Their
kid (in pink) had the bandanna, eye make, and pink ribbons in her hair, too.

Reshmi 364/365

Nothing feels better than a pedicure and a foot massage after a long week.

Sarah 364/365

Jacelyn got her MCA testing scores today and all I can say is that I don't give a FUCK what the state says. If I could she would be pulled out of the MCA's every year. I think they are worthless and have encouraged lax teaching standards. No Child Left Behind my ass.

Lori 364/365

"My Envisage folders...."

Kirsten 364/365

Went to my cousin's graduation party from College. Bailey found some fun
toys at my aunt's house.

Amanda 364/365

I've got a job where I work in a church nursery once a week. I rock a
lighter version of my new retro/rockabilly look.

Becky 364/365

"Saw a super-sized flock of birds while riding in the car. Just managed to
catch the last of the group. It was insane."

SarahTwo 364/365

Sitting in seminars? NOT. MY. THING.

I took lots of random pictures today. This is a lovely shot of the top of my
Coke Zero can. I took prettier pictures, yes - including a lovely shot of a
flower outside the hotel, but fact is: Coke Zero wins because I consumed
mass quantities of it during the past several days because sitting around on
my booty listening to other people talk for hours on end is not my thing.

Marie 364/365

On our way home today we found tons of turkey vultures circling. This was
very cool to see.

Jen 364/365

One last photo of / My little flock of birdies / Before the year ends

Amber 364/365

Actually from yesterday, but I couldn't resist sharing. This is one
of the puppies Em's coworker's dog had not too long ago. Corgis! I fell in
LOVE with this one. I can't afford him but damn, I want him so bad...

Petra 364/365

First tooth in safe hands

Sarabeth 364/365

He said he wanted to be prepared. I think it had something to do with
watching The Three Musketeers.

Dawn 364/365

At 10:45 p.m., I remember that I tore off the old shower liner in my fit of
re-nesting and cleaning when I got home. I then find myself weaving the new
shower liner onto the casters at 11 p.m., as tomorrow is the first day of
school and the last thing I want to do at 7:30 am is put the liner back in
the shower. This is after I clean and disinfect all rabbit cages, wash all
the rugs on which the rabbit urine wars have occurred in my absence, put all
the laundry away and label and pack all the school supplies for tomorrow.

I know that I do nothing special or different than any other woman with
children in the world.

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